Thursday, August 30, 2007

Art Gift Shop

We would like to announce that we launched our own art gift shop at Browse our shop and discover a varied and unique selection of original fine art images on merchandise from artists from around the world! Browse a variety of artistic genres and categories to find the perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues, customers or yourself.

All the designs used in our gift shop are original works of art created by the artists we exhibit in our gallery this is why each item is one-of-a kind and cannot be obtained anywhere else. This is why if you want to surprise someone special our shop is the place to go.

Just recently we added a collection of items with 12 Zodiac signs created by a Russian painter Anatoly Kudravcev (we wrote about him earlier in this blog). He has a non-traditional vision of the essense and meaning of each sign and these are items make fantastic gifts for a birthday or a baby shower (we offer infant body suits and bibs with these unique designs).

The prices are very affordable and gifts can be shipped anywhere in the world! We have excellent customer service, 30 days return policy, secure transactions – everything you will expect from a major reputable on-line store.
We hope you will enjoy shopping with us!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ukrainian landscapes

When people in the West discuss the art of Central and Eastern Europe they tend to call “Russian art” everything they find in Russia as well as in the countries neighboring it such as Ukraine and Byelorussia. However, this is not correct. You will see very distinct differences between Russian and Ukrainian art if you look at landscapes, for example.

Since Ukraine is located to the southwest of Russia its far western and southern parts are different from mainland Russia. In the West Ukraine is known for its Carpathian Mountains landscapes (the same Carpathians that stretch into Romania where the notorious Dracula used to live according to the legends). In the south Ukraine borders the Black Sea the Crimean peninsula sceneries look more like Greece and, probably, Bulgaria than Russia.

If we look at the color palette Ukrainian landscapes have more warm colors: golden, orange, pink, etc. which represent the warmth of the southern sun. You will also find many more seascapes in Ukrainian art than in Russian art.

In our gallery we have several Ukrainian artists exhibited and their works of art will speak louder than words. Here are some of their paintings of Southern Ukraine/Crimea:

Boris Kudryavtsev:

Yuri Kudryavtsev:

More of their beautiful landscapes can be viewed and purchased at

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Russian Neverland

What inspires an artist to create a unique piece of art? Well, than depends on an artist. In case of a Russian artist ANATOLY KUDRAVCEV exhibited in our gallery the inspiration comes from his yearly 3 months' long trips to an old Russian village of Shanevo. According to the artist this is an almost unreal place, somewhere out of this world. Ask any Russian and he/she will never be able to say where it is situated. It seems like time stopped there and preserved the beauty unspoiled by progress and civilization. It is a kind of place from old Russian fairy tales...

After each visit Anatoly creates a photographic report of his summer trip which in itself has an artistic value on its own and then during long winter hours those photographic memories inspire the artist to create his masterpieces.

Here are some rare photographs of Shanevo and its inhabitants (the last photo is an old Russian stove decorated by the artist's friend) ...

... and here are some of Anatoly's works inspired by Shanevo (indian ink):

To see more of Anatoly Kudravcev's works, please, visit

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

About our blogs

Our gallery,, is dedicated to being your guide in the world of art internationally. We not only try to make the unique art works from around the globe available to the widest possible audience, we also strive to promote education in the field of art, to help you understand art better and become a more savvy collector.

That is why we created 2 blogs that will provide you with the most exciting up-to-date information, which will cover a wide spectrum of things: blog is dedicated to the art news from around the globe, it will follow important international art trends and developments and will give you useful advice on buying and selling art. blog, i.e. THIS blog, will bring you unique local insights about artists and works of art, rare “informational gems” which you cannot find in the press and which are provided by the artists themselves and art experts we cooperate with.

We welcome you to visit our art blogs regularly and we will also make the information from both of them available through e-mail subscription and RSS feed real soon!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Art as a healing force is not exactly a new idea; whether it' used to promote rehabilitation and recovery following injury or, on a more chronic basis, its power to regenerate is well-founded. One of the younger artists on, Freddie Maestas of Taos, New Mexico, cites art as the vehicle "to express my feelings and to help me heal me emotionally...I think that art heals in a better way" (than pharmaceuticals).

Check out Freddie's Gallery at
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