Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Art, politics and the Internet

Just today I once again got the proof of advantages of Internet - now related to art.

I read the news today that Russia and UK are discussing terms and conditions of exhibiting masterpieces from Russian museums during the "Russian month" in London in 4 major London museums.

Russians were not willing to let the works of art leave the country because they had feared that the paintings could be seized by people claiming they were looted from their families during the 1917 revolution or by companies holding major Russian government debts. And these fears are not groundless since there had been unpleasant events of this sort before.

Though the exhibition is scheduled to open in London on January 26, 2008 there are still some uncertainties.

After reading this I am still amazed how politics influences all aspects of life, art included and I am happy that at least now we have the power of Internet and thus, the possibility to enjoy the works of art from any country in the world that would have not been available for viewing (and purchase!) otherwise.


nick said...

The whole Britain and Russia thing is purely about politics and stand-off. Despite being slightly less shrewd and often downright stupid, we British are certainly better at diplomacy. The proof will be in the eating of the pudding as the works make their way to our chilly isle. I'll be pleased to make my way into town and have a look at the Russian loot. Who knows, the exhibition maybe the first token of cooperation in a recent rocky road of relationship blasting - you see how important a role aesthetics an play?

artgal said...

As a Russian who lived in UK for 5 years, I totally agree: British are certainly better at diplomacy while Russians are too obstinate at times

nick said...

It seems that the show is going ahead. I was at the RA last Saturday to see the David Melon Collection. There is certainly a building buzz around Russian booty. I'm quite looking forward to it.

Although I wont be at the private view, I imagine there will be the usual sanguine Brits mingling with once frosty but warming Ruskies. I'm sure Russian pride and Anglo pleasure will be a good mix!

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